Nordic Romantic Morandi Candlestick


Decorate with gorgeous candles but do it cautiously and in style with our Nordic Romantic Morandi Candlestick Decoration. Encasing candles for a safer and stylish home.

  • Made with a thick layer of glass that is durable enough to encase your candle's flame. Durable and superb quality.
  • Comes in a range of color variations you can mix and match together with a unique Morandi palette that is very classy.
  • Perfect for Christmas season decor and for other special occasions.


    • Use: Home Decoration
    • Handmade: Yes
    • Function: Matching Block Candle
    • Matching Candle: Small Tealight
    • Style: Classic
    • Material: Glass

    Package Included:
    1* Nordic Romantic Morandi Candlestick Decoration


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