Nordic Organic Luxury Candle

These candles help those who felt an overwhelming tension and just wanted to lessen the pressure to get along with a day. It's not just a candle; its wax is made of soy, coconut milk lime, and wool core infused with lots of relaxing organic scents. Perfect for meditation or relaxation in home, office, cafes, & spas.

  • Made of an eco-friendly material that won't excrete harmful smoke
  • The exquisite design given its elegant, sleek look
  • Its organic aromatic scents help in relaxation to lessen stress
  • Perfect to be used at home, workplace, gym, cafes, spas, & as a gift


Material: Soy Wax + Wool Core + Glass exterior

Dimensions: refer to the size chart in product photos

Style: Modern Nordic

Function: Aromatherapy

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