Nordic Cotton Linen Home Sundries Storage

Tidy everything up with these stylish eco-friendly storage bags. It has a neat on-point design that suits well with different interior concepts. Its also made of Cotton, which is why it has a washable and foldable design. Its handles are made of rigidly installed leather straps for the durability of storing multiple things with it. Lastly, it will best keep stuff like toys, laundry, clothes, grocery items, fresh goods, etc.

  • These storage bags are made of biodegradable material
  • Precise craftsmanship disposed to it sturdy durable large built
  • Its has foldable, washable, and can be sun-dried or ironed design.
  • Suitable for storing toys, laundry, clothes, groceries, fresh goods, picnic items, etc.


Material: Cotton + Leather

Size: 22 x 14 x 14in

Color: White & Brown

Style: Modern

Function: Storage Bag

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