Morandi Series - Scented Candle Glass


Morandi color is the most comfortable color. It is a muted and pale color palette, it has rich connotation without a tendency to show off, releasing the soothing elegance. 

These Sweet-smelling candles assist in meditation and relaxation. It's made of biodegradable material, non-smoke emitting soy wax, and felt core instilled with natural organic aroma. Provides a warm & pleasing space when having so much pressure and tension all day long. Its vivid colors stand out when used as a decorative piece.

  • Made of a biodegradable substance that won't discharge any toxic fume
  • It has a meticulous design providing smooth, chic decor in which space is placed
  • Its sweet-smelling organic scent lasts up to 40 hours, burning time
  • Suitable to be used when in meditation, working out, at work, studying, living area, bedroom, and also for gift giving.


Material: Soy Wax + Felt Core + Glass exterior

Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 3.2in

Net Weight: 150g

Variety: Amber, Fresh, Orange

Style: Nordic

Function: Aromatherapy

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