Jute Rope Hanging Garden Planter


These hanging plant baskets are perfect for displaying your beautiful potted plants and flower pots. This home decor adds a minimalist and modern flair design to your home. With its long rope length, it gives a unique hanging design that provides a texture and relaxing visual interest to your home decor.

  • Not just a plant holder, but it can be used for various purposes.
  • A perfect gift for your loved ones, especially for plant lovers.
  • With its hand-woven strong ropes, you don't need to worry about breaking. It will pass the test of time.
  • A minimalist design baskets that can be hung anywhere in your house without taking too much space.


Material: Jute Rope

Color: Natural

Dimensions: 11x20x15cm

Function: Hanging flower pot holder, Multifunction storage basket

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