Marame Handmade Dream Catcher


These creatively Macrame woven dream catchers are fascinating accent pieces users can hang on their walls. It's an exquisitely handcrafted biodegradable material like its bamboo ring framing, and woven felt creates a magnetic dream catcher to beautify the place. Also, its suitable as a gift for love ones and friends.

  • These dream catchers are made of biodegradable material and making them eco-friendly but still durable
  • Excellent craftsmanship exerted by creators in weaving this sophisticated & stunning accent piece
  • It has a built-in installer knot to customize and hang easily
  • Suitable to be hanged or placed in drywall, tabletops, living room, lounges, spas, etc.


Material: Bamboo Ring Framing & Macrame Woven Felt Thread

Diameter: 3in, 4in, 7in, 8in, 10in, 12in, & 14in composition

Color: Off-White

Style: Geometric

Function: Accent Piece

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