Elegant Bamboo Wood Tray


Made from bamboo with gently rounded edges, our serving tray is perfect for storing your stuff in style or delivering breakfast in bed. What's more, this piece comfortably holds the trappings of your bathroom routine, such as soap dispenser, soap dish or else. You can also use it as a handy catchall in the counter to hold accessories, like K-Cups, sugar bowl, and creamer.

Main Features:

  • This rectangular bamboo tray features gently rounded edge. There is soft attachments on each bottom corner so it won't scratch anything it sits on.
  • This tray showcases the warm color and beautiful grain of bamboo.
  • A Must-Have for Home Decoration: Except for holding bathroom accessories set, you can also use the decorative tray to display items like lipstick or rings. Perfect for keeping tables and countertops organized.


  • Number of Tiers: Single Tier
  • Holder Surface Finishing: Polished
  • Material: Wood
  • Plate Type: Plate Dish
  • Rectangular : 25*38 cm
  • Square : 25*25 cm

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