Pampas Feather Décor Craft


These sets of Pampas grass provide a subtle & luxurious touch as a decor. It comes in different colors and varieties depending on which fits best to existing or non-existing design ideas. In addition, these grass blends well with other design concepts. Finally, having these as decorative serves as a sign of determination.

  • This Pampas grass delivers a crafty yet cultured touch as a design
  • Varieties of Pampas grass offered with distinctive individual attraction in them
  • For this grass to fluff, they have to be placed in a vase with water and a week of exposure to sunlight
  • Perfect home interior decor for the dining areas, lounge areas, bathrooms, etc. Also, events place decor like sorts life events and celebrations.


Material: Pampas Grass

Size: 22in

Style: Flower

Function: Decorative Dried Flower

Quantity: 5pcs, 10pcs, 100pcs

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