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An ever occurring and distinctive lifestyle through the course of time, that

is the boho vibe. We, at some point in our lives, fully desire to be care-free with

no regards of the daily routine life that is slowly eating at us. Therefore, we

search for a space that will give us exactly what we need. Peace & serenity.


The daily clock in & out of the office and facing off with the traffic gives us so

little time to relax. These are the cons of the urban life. Upon coming home,

one space that is often forgotten but could actually be useful in many ways is

the balcony, many believe that this bit of space is often left untouched.


Especially for those living solo or units in an apartment, it is sometimes difficult

to find a pleasantbalcony decoration or much more find time to decorate the

place. And as we have already mentioned the little space it has to offer.  


This time let us take you through a deep dive and be creative as we visualize

the balcony of our dreams. Take a few inspirations from the photos of various

bohemian-style balcony to refresh your home's aura by making use of the new-

found space for relaxation.

There is nothing better than spending the last days of summer and the first week

of autumn on your balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning or a romantic

dinner with your loved one. Discover a variety of beautiful colors ranging from

boho rugs, pillow cushions, lanterns, starry light bulbs and some inviting vases &

pots for your growing plants. I’m sure one of them will be a hit to get you



You can't just put your favorite things together and expect it to work out. What

might be the simplest thing to do is bring life itself to the room. Acquire some

low-maintenance plants and put it in your balcony. As such, we can add some

beautiful decoration by putting it in unique bohemian vases or pots that will

put some color into the area. (TIPS: Add some hanging plant decors and mixed

design of nordic vases.


Come night time after a hard day's work, rest is the only thing left in our heads.

Here you can add some night lights that can help you relax and much better if it

puts you to sleep. Treat it like a living room on your leisure time and a bedroom

on your rest days. Such is the bohemian vibe. (TIPS: Light up the area with

mood-setter lights with a vintage look in it. Achieve the look by simply

having this and some retro candle holders.)


If you've been finding your balcony as your safe place and the best spot of the

house to relax, then it's safe to say that your living room just went up a number.

Treat your balcony the way you treat your living room, apply the same design

formula that will make you actually enjoy spending time in it.  (TIPS: Add some

of your favorite relaxing cushion, the same one you have at your living room or

bed room and change its cover with relaxing &  beautiful geometric designs.)


This way you can always appreciate the beauty you've created with your

improved balcony. It will always be nice to have a mirror placed in your favorite

room, such addition comes in handy and also very necessary in some people's

case. Checking up on yourself physically does good in more ways than one.

(TIPS: Mirror in a lot of ways is helpful and a boho room will always need



Putting things within a small surface area shall be thought of carefully. Also

keeping it beautiful without overcrowding it with your favorite things is also

essential to keep making you feel relaxed. Hanging plants are one way to do it.

Displaying various plants and appreciating it all day sounds about right.


When you already have plans in your head on what's going to be put and what's

to be set aside, it is also good to bear in mind to prioritize comfortability upon

styling the place. Putting less while keeping it stylish is one way of doing it.

Create some space for you to wander around & move with ease. Nothing beats

on keeping it cheap and beautiful after all.



After carefully doing research, some items just grows on you and you can't help

but get excited for the renovation. You can already imagine the beauty it will

bring once placed on your balcony. An example would be the iconic pampas

grass that really gets the job done on the looks category. Just a sight of this

plant is enough to give-off the boho vibe! A very relaxing feeling as you watch it

sway with the wind while reading your favorite book and drinking your favorite



If you need some help acquiring things mentioned in here, don't hesitate and

take a look at our store and that just might bring you to visualize that dream

balcony you always wanted.



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